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HP Focus Topload - 15.6
HP Focus Topload - 15.6
HP Focus Topload - 15.6
HP Focus Topload - 15.6
HP Focus Topload - 15.6

HP Focus Topload - 15.6" Case / Woven / Black

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  • 15.6" HP Focus Topload
  • Black
    Brand HP
    Model HP Focus Topload
    Product Type Notebook Carrying Case
    Product Material Woven
    Notebook Compatibility 15.6"
    Color Black
    Carrying Strap Shoulder Carrying Strap
    Features Weather Resistant, Removable Shoulder Strap, Internal Pockets
    Designed For OMEN by HP 15-dc0028ns, HP 14s-dq0051nf, 14s-dq0400nd, 14s-dq0900nd, 14s-dq2007na, 14s-dq2510na, 15-bs172nd, 15-dw3363st, 15-dw3365st, 15-dy2001cy, 15-dy2001ds, 15-dy2002cy, 15-dy2002ds, 15-dy2003cy, 15-dy2003ds, 15-dy2004cy, 15-dy2004ds, 15-dy2005ds, 15-dy2005tg, 15-dy2006ds, 15-dy2007cy, 15-dy2007ds, 15-dy2008cy, 15-dy2008ds, 15-dy2009cy, 15-dy2009ds, 15-dy2010cy, 15-dy2010ds, 15-dy2010nr, 15-dy2011ds, 15-dy2012ds, 15-dy2013ds, 15-dy2014ds, 15-dy2016ds, 15-dy2017ds, 15-dy2018ds, 15-dy2019ds, 15-dy2020ds, 15-dy2023dx, 15-dy2025nr, 15-dy2027od, 15-dy2031wm, 15-dy2032wm, 15-dy2035tg, 15-dy2037nr, 15-dy2038nr, 15-dy2039ms, 15-dy2041nr, 15-dy2043dx, 15-dy2046ms, 15-dy2048nr, 15-dy2051wm, 15-dy2052ms, 15-dy2058ms, 15-dy2061ms, 15-dy2062nr, 15-dy2067ms, 15-dy2071wm, 15-dy2073dx, 15-dy2073nr, 15-dy2074nr, 15-dy2075tg, 15-dy2076nr, 15-dy2079ms, 15-dy2081ms, 15-dy2085nr, 15-dy2086nr, 15-dy2087nr, 15-dy2089ms, 15-dy2091wm, 15-dy2093dx, 15-dy2095wm, 15-dy2123od, 15-dy2125od, 15-dy2127od, 15-dy2131wm, 15-dy2132wm, 15-dy2152wm, 15-dy2172wm, 15-dy2223od, 15-dy2225od, 15-ef1001wm, 15-ef1023dx, 15-ef1044nr, 15-ef1083od, 15-ef1125wm, 15-ef1300wm, 15-ef2040tg, 15-ef2046nr, 15-ef2047nr, 15-ef2048nr, 15-ef2074nr, 15-ef2075nr, 15-ef2076ms, 15-ef2076nr, 15-ef2081ms, 15-ef2125wm, 15-ef2126wm, 15-ef2127wm, 15-ef2128wm, 15s-fq2155ng, HP Chromebook 14a-na0010cy, 14a-na0012cy, 14a-na0012tg, 14a-na0013cy, 14a-na0013ds, 14a-na0013nr, 14a-na0014ds, 14a-na0015ds, 14a-na0016ds, 14a-na0017ds, 14a-na0018ds, 14a-na0019ds, 14a-na0021nr, 14a-na0023nr, 14a-na0024nr, 14a-na0025cl, 14a-na0030wm, 14a-na0032tg, 14a-na0051cl, 14a-na0052tg, 14a-na0072tg, 14a-na0100nr, 14a-na0110nr, 14a-na0120nr, 14a-na0130nr, 14a-na0131wm, 14a-na0140nr, 14a-na0150nr, 14a-na0160nr, 14a-na0170nr, 14a-na0180nr, HP ENVY 14-eb0010ca, 14-eb0012tx, HP Pavilion 14-dv0058nf, 14-dv0165st, 14-dv0167st, 15-eg0029nl, 15-eg0165st, 15-eg0167st, HP Pavilion x360 15-er0020ca, 15-er0153ng
    Dimensions 400 x 280 x 65 mm
    Weight 430 g