• What are WiBi Rewards?

    WiBi Rewards are credits or points earned by registered customers of WiBi when purchases made on wibi.com.kw, further these points can be redeemed for discounts on purchases at wibi.com.kw.

  • How do I Register for WiBi Rewards?

    To start earning, you can register here to enroll into the loyalty program. All existing account holders do not need to re-register. They can get WiBi Rewards using existing login details. All Registered customers become members for WiBi Rewards Program.

  • How much do I earn by Buying Products?

    For Every 1 KD Spent at wibi.com.kw, members will earn 1 point (Excluding iPhone & Mobile Phones).

    The example below will help you determine the value of your WiBi Rewards:
    Spent: 100 KD
    Rewards Earned: 100 Rewards

    For iPhones, Mobile Phones & Apple Accessories for every 3 KD spent 1 point will be earned.

    On Digital Cards, Printer accessories, ink toners, cartridges and office accessories, No Rewards shall be credited.

  • How much are WiBi Rewards worth?

    WiBi Rewards Amount in KWD
    1 Reward 10 Fils
    100 Rewards 1 KD
    200 Rewards 2 KD

  • How many Minimum WiBi Rewards are Required to Redeem?

    A Minimum Balance of 100 Rewards is required to Redeem Per Purchase.

  • How many Maximum WiBi Rewards can be redeemed Per Purchase?

    The Maximum redemption allowed is 10% of the total order amount.

    Members can redeem to a maximum of 10% of the total order Value.

    For example: 30KD worth of Rewards can be redeemed on an order value of 300KD.

  • How can I redeem my WiBi Rewards?

    To redeem your WiBi Rewards:
    1. Add your desired products to the cart and go to the cart page.
    2. Click on the WiBi Rewards button on the bottom left of your screen.
    3. Click on Redeem WiBi Rewards.
    4. Enter the Eligible Amount from your points balance and click on the redeem button.
    5. The discount should then be applied and you can proceed to the checkout with your WiBi Rewards discount.

  • Do I earn any WiBi Rewards for signing up?

    Yes, you will earn 30 Rewards for signing up to WiBi.

  • Do WiBi Rewards have a Referral Program?

    Yes, you can earn 3 KWD worth Rewards by referring WiBi to friends & family. The Rewards earned for referral are as follows:
    a. The referred must make a purchase of at least KWD 100.00.
    b. Then, the referrer and referred both will earn 300 Rewards which is Equivalent to 3 KWD.

  • Will my WiBi Rewards expire?

    No, your WiBi Rewards will not expire.

  • My WiBi Rewards got deducted. Why?

    There are 2 cases in which pending Rewards could be deducted:
    a. If you return the order or a part of it, Rewards will get deducted accordingly.
    b. If you cancel the product or reject the order, the Rewards issued for that order will be debited from your account.

  • I have multiple accounts at wibi.com.kw. Can I club WiBi Rewards in my multiple accounts?

    No, you can't club WiBi Rewards present in multiple accounts. To enjoy the full benefits of the program, we advise you to use a single account to make all your transactions.

  • When will I receive my WiBi Rewards?

    You will receive your WiBi Rewards as soon as your order is delivered to you.

  • I am not able to receive WiBi Rewards on placing an order. Why?

    You will receive WiBi Rewards on eligible products which are part of the reward program, as soon as your order is delivered to you. If you still haven't received WiBi Rewards for the order placed, please contact us at support@wibi.com.kw or call us at 1800053. We will make sure that any discrepancy is resolved at the earliest.