What makes iMac look more stunning?

5K Retina iMac 27 inch  looked identical to its old model, but the pin Sharp display screen is a brilliant improvement. It’s no longer a novelty, but 2015’s model satisfied most Mac users due to its optimisation.

The headline feature of this Model is the  Retina 5K Display, to which Apple has made many Improvements, Now it has greater Range of colours than its predecessor. With the latest version of OS X, EI Capitan, It also incorporates Intel’s new Skylake chipset to increase efficiency. The new 27 inch iMac is great value for money, Because if you want to buy  a 5K Display with this quality, It would cost a lot more. And it wouldn’t come with an efficient, fast working PC.


iMac Retina 5K Dispaly comes with 5120 x 2880 resolution,  It has a lot of pixels, It’s the best looking all-in-one PC.




27 inch iMac with 5K Retina comes with the prettiest & most astonishing awesome monitor, all metal and glass style. The Design has not changed a lot since 2014 but it may be because its already good looking. It’s more attractive than any 27 inch monitor I can have on my desk with fully functioning technology. Its 5 millimetres thin at the edge with all components like RAM, logic board, Storage at the back. It does not have height Adjustability but you can tilt the iMac back and forth.


Down facing speakers provide loud, crisp audio for all Games, Music and videos, In fact good enough for users.


A metal stand carries the screen and slim body of iMac, It enables you to tilt screen. Apple has not included optical drive to make iMac as thin as possible. Those who need it can buy an external USB Super Drive.


It consists of an Ethernet port , Two Thunderbolt 2 ports four USB 3.0 Ports located on the rear of iMac. There is also a SDXC Card slot and a headphone jack. A FaceTime HD Camera is located at the top of iMac for Video Calling.



The 5K Retina Display is superb, It reproduces a wide range of colour. It means you can accept whiter more white, Pinker more pinks. It looks bright, Sharp and whether you are using any designing software, it looks quite awesome. For many People, It’s highest display performance ever. We have never seen colour this beautiful on a consumer level display. This Model of iMac uses the DCI-P3 Colour space. Because it delivers a larger colour range. It provides all the colours one can see in sRGB plus 20% more. We tried dozens of photos, spotting the difference. Initially It was difficult to find the changes, sometimes better colour accuracy here, little more detail there. But the effects were pronounced better with photos dominated by red and green colours. Video editing is more fast and perfect with this iMac. Note that these iMacs don’t support Target Display so it cannot be used as a monitor with a MacBook or Mac mini.



Apple Magic Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad

Time to talk about Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse & Magic Trackpad, I don’t know why Apple tells this accessories magical as I find nothing magical, But as we know Apple does everything different, Apple has upgraded all of its iMac Magical Accessories, Keyboard battery has been changed from its AA batteries with lithium ion battery that can be charged by lightning cable. Apple provides only one Lightning cable anyway. Magic Trackpad 2 is more brilliant than it looks, the cost for this is similar to the launching cost of its old model. You can swap from mouse to trackpad or both at some higher price. New Trackpad is 30% larger, it gives us all the handy force touch functions with gesture controlled awesomeness that I expect from my MacBook Pro Laptop. Some people thought that Touchpads for desktop will be a rubbish idea, but Apple really made it work with switching between desktops and the control has become so fast. Silent clicks, an awesome feature. Just plug & use, But if you lose this, really you will miss this.


About Magic Keyboard 2, It’s not very different than its old model, those AA Batteries are removed from the rear, It’s not bigger than the keyboard available on Apple MacBook Pro but the typing is nicer. The function keys are at the top , the keys are now all full size.


Apple Magic Mouse 2, It is more comfortable to use with no right, left buttons, It’s wireless also. The AA batteries have been removed and a lithium ion battery is used, which can be charged via lightning cable. It’s not the great choice for a gaming mouse in my opinion.


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Apple iMac - MK142L - 21.5" LED , i5-1.60GHz , 8GB , 1TB

Apple iMac - MK452L - 21.5" Retina , i5-3.10GHz , 8GB , 1TB

Apple iMac - MK452A - 21.5" Retina, i5-3.10GHz, 8GB, 1TB, Arabic Keys

Apple iMac - MK462L - 27.0" Retina , i5-3.20GHz , 8GB , 1TB , 2GB VGA

Apple iMac - MK462A - 27.0" Retina , i5-3.20GHz , 8GB , 1TB , 2GB VGA , Arabic Keys

Apple iMac - MK472L - 27.0" Retina , i5-3.20GHz , 8GB , 1TB Fusion , 2GB VGA 

Apple iMac - MK472A - 27.0" Retina , i5-3.20GHz , 8GB , 1TB Fusion , 2GB VGA , Arabic Keys

Apple iMac - MK482L - 27.0" Retina , i5-3.30GHz , 8GB , 2TB Fusion , 2GB VGA

Apple iMac - MK482A - 27.0" Retina , i5-3.30GHz , 8GB , 2TB Fusion , 2GB VGA , Arabic Keys

Apple iMac - AIM7321F4 - 27.0" Retina , i7-4.0GHz , 32GB , 1TB Flash , 4GB VGA