Elevate Your Workspace: Free Monitor Arm with Twisted Minds Product Purchase

Elevate Your Workspace: Free Monitor Arm with Twisted Minds Product Purchase

Twisted minds are constantly re-thinking the traditional gaming set-up. That’s our twist. You’ll see it in inventory, and you’ll see it in how we pivot and adapt to our community’s needs. While the huge chunk of Twisted Team is in the game, the other chunk handles the hands-on buying, paving pathways between our products and the set-ups that need them. 

Building your dream setup shouldn’t mean digging up buried contact details, decoding confusing return policies, or settling for limited support options. At Twisted Minds, we’ve got you covered. Literally. 

Gaming monitors have higher refresh rates and faster response times than standard displays. Not to mention, they have cooler designs that fit an ideal gaming setup. Don’t skimp out. 

You can’t say there is a best Twisted Minds gaming monitor. It depends on the PC specs, console and game genre. For example, for PC, gamers always look for a higher hertz, faster response time and panel type. However, for the new consoles, 4K, 144Hz displays & HDMI 2.1 is the ideal choice.  

The higher refresh rate for the monitor the better. For example, 144Hz is the bare minimum and a jump to 240Hz will show a substantial difference. However, the jump from 240Hz to 360Hz and above is not as noticeable and will demand much more performance to run games at those frame rates.  

AMD Free Sync and Nvidia G-Sync provide smooth gameplay on compatible displays by eliminating tearing.  

The refresh rate of a monitor determines how many images it can display in one second. For example, a 14Hz monitor can display 144 frames per second. This can result in a smoother experience and potentially higher FPS! 

Twisted minds Monitor arms they help you maintain a good posture in keeping your set-up ergonomic. They give you the control to adjust your monitor’s height and angle, and save you space, especially if you have more than one monitor. They also optimize your desk set-up with cable management. So many benefits! Twisted Minds Monitor Arms are universal and compatible with all VESA types.  

Twisted Minds gaming desk First, you need to consider the hardware you plan to place on the desk, such as the number of monitors, consoles, computers, keyboards, and mouse pads. You also need to measure the space available in your personal space to ensure the desk itself fits. Lastly, you might take into consideration any extra features like design, lighting, and adjustment layers.  

We are all about providing top-of-the-line products that even would buy! 
Twisted Minds dual monitor arm A huge chunk of our team is made up of gamers & streamers. Real ones. Passionate ones. Particular ones. installs entirely from above the desk surface Built in Spring Tension Gauge: for perfect weight adjustments Detachable VESA Plate Design: enables easy installation. Smooth Arm Insertion: ensures easy installation Spring Assisted Mechanism: allows to easily move up and down. Two Mounting Options: both desk clamp and grommet are included.  

You can have all this and more only at WIBI.