Things to Consider While Buying a Printer


Finding the perfect printer takes a lot of work. And depending on your budget your quality requirements may differ. There are many printers available on our shopping website ‘’. It has the best printers with affordable prices, good quality and has a wide range of variety to choose from. Now here are some factors to consider while buying a Printer in Kuwait and we are going to emphasize all this in a great way. printer that is becoming the trusted partner of productivity-driven business owners.

he Speed

Depending on the amount of weekly print volume, you may want to value a Printer with high speeds. As speed is an important aspect, keep in mind that faster print speeds mostly mean a slightly low resolution of the image or text. So, find a printer that has fast speed and can also retain good resolution. Printer speed is measured in pages per minute (PPM).


The Size

YouNow the size of the printer depends on what image sizes you need. If you print a canvas, determine how much additional canvas will be needed for stretching when you have larger print capabilities. Look for what size options are available on the web and you will get a good idea of what’s the most commonly used size and what is best for your usage.


Brand Support

Usually the least considered factor while buying a printer is the support of the brand. It is important that the brand has good technical support staff that can help you with the problems. And as we are discussing the brand support, our website has one of the best product supports. We have emails and phone support which will help you with your problems and we can fix your issues in no time.


Laser or Inkjet: What to choose

Now the most important decision to make is whether to buy an inkjet printer or a 
laser printer
. Now to make it simple for you, laser printers are mainly used to print text documents in high speeds but should not be considered for printing photos or images. And inkjet printers are best suited for the people who require high quality images and don’t print that often, and inkjet printers are recommended for home use. You can find both laser and inkjet printers on our website. Both in affordable price.


Ease of Use

Finally, Having a printer which is simple and easy to use is important. As it will save you from the workload of having to troubleshoot the problem every now and then and get frustrated over it. You should ask yourself these questions such asis it easy to load and unload media, if the printer driver are easy to install and setup on the computer. These questions will help you to consider your options.

The other important things to consider are:

  • Price 
  • Ink usage 
  • Resale value 
  • Warranty 
  • Printer longevity  
  • Ink cost 


It is hard to name the perfect printer for you, but there is 20% discount on all the HP printers and scanners on our website and you will find all the other items related to it at discounted price too. Hope this guide will help you to weigh up the pros and cons and provide a starting point for determining what to look for.