Top 12 Features in iOS 10 that you must know

Biggest Release of iOS is already launched with some Brilliant things, You might not recognize the interface, it’s that different.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you must want to know all the new IOS 10 Features. We have got some of them for you:-

1. Delete unused Apple apps – Now you can uninstall Default apple apps if you no longer need it.

2. Quickly Open Camera from Lock Screen – Simple Swipe from Right to Left on Lock screen to open Camera App.

3. Get Notifications Quickly – Just Pick up your iPhone & Screen will show you notifications. Go to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Switch on Raise to wake.

4. Notes – Now you can add Photos, Sketch in your Note. You can also Invite people to edit it via Email, Text Message or using Facebook, Twitter also.


5. Maps with Proactive suggestions – Maps have become more Street Smarter. It suggest us where we are likely to go & to help reach our Destinations faster.

6. Clear All Notifications Easily – Now you can clear all Notifications with a click on X Button using 3D Touch. In iPhones without 3D Touch, we can clear notifications day by day, Not all at once.

7. iMessages – Now you can Send Photos, Animations, Hand written Texts, emoji, stickers and much more. Find more details here.

8. Flashlight Brightness – Flashlight Brightness can also be changed using 3D Touch. Brightness can be set to Low, Medium or High.

9. Home App Automates everything – New Home app can be used to take control of all smart home Devices, It lets you to turn on lights, Unlock Doors or just set all the things up when you are at home.

10. Typing is Easier & Quicker – It does contextual Predictions like when you type “I’m available at” then Calender pops up as an option.

11. BedTime Reminder – Now iPhone will keep record of your BedTime & will also remind you when to sleep or wake up, this feature is built to improve your Health. Just Go to Clock -> BedTime -> Answer Questions related to your Sleep and that’s it.

12. Photos – Find Photos by People or things in them like beach, Hotel or puppy.